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Jupiter-Cap Aurora – tradition meets modernism

Therapy and entertainment on the Romanian coastline – part 2

The Jupiter-Cap Aurora resort is situated between Neptun and Venus, 5 km away from Mangalia. The main treat of the resort is the fact that it keeps a fresh, natural air, with a wide promenade area, Tismana lake and Comorova forrest. The Jupiter beach is 1 km long and has a soft sand. In spite of the well preserved natural environment, the resorts also comes with modern hotels, as it is a new resort, built in the ‘70s. Cap Aurora is a unique scenery in the Romanian coastline, as it is placed on a cape-shaped island, coming out in the sea. It is the youngest sea-side resort in Romania. In spite of being pretty narrow, the beach is close to the hotels in the area, which makes it attractive to tourists. Just like Neptun-Olimp, Jupiter-Cap Aurora resort also offers therapeutic facilities.

Most of the hotels are 3 stars rated,but there are also modern hostels and guest houses. Some of them have a special architecture,  being named after gems. The most famous restaurant of the Romanian coastline, Catunul, is situated in this resorts and it comes with a traditional architecture.

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