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Portile de Fier – the wild side of tourism

Portile de Fier (The Iron Gates) is a national park in Romania, protected by the law for being a valuable landscape of the country. It is situated in the south-eastern region of the country, being close to Mehedinti mountains.

The main attraction of the park consists in the Danube defile through the rocky scenery of the mountains. The view of the cliffs coming out of the sea water gives the impression that the place is savage, but the truth is that Portile de Fier are full of life. Scientific tourism is sustained in the area by the geological curiosities that can be seen on this land. Also, following the defile, you can see architectural monuments, such as the remains of Ladislau, Drencova and Tricula citadels. The monasteries in the area complete the quiet atmosphere of the region, a perfect place for meditation and silence.

There are several activities that can spice up a visit at Potile de Fier. The area provides several routes for mountain-biking. The presence of the accumulation lake Portile de Fier I makes the area great for all kinds of nautical sports. It is actually the main feature of Portile de Fier.

You can find here a full list of the accommodation facilities in Portile de Fier area.

Photos from Portile de Fier:

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